There’s A Rich Vein of Cash In Your Structured Settlement Annuity Contract, Parcel Out A Portion or the Whole of Your Income Stream For A Sizable Lump Sum

A lawsuit for wrongful death arises where the deceased death results from an unlawful act, negligence or default. A wrongful death action is only actionable where the pursuer of the claim does not fall outside the scope of the limitation of actions’ statutes or not time-barred at the time when he or she dies or before his or her death. Accordingly, if the acts or omissions complained of transpired more than two years before the death and exercise of due diligence on the deceased’s death would have revealed the injury; it may be barred by the statutes of limitation of actions. In tort claims, a plaintiff who sleeps on his right for more than two years from the date when they knew or ought to have known the limitation riders catch the cause of the personal injury.

Jane White’s mother died while her personal injury lawsuit was underway against the defendant who caused an automobile accident. Her daughter Ms. White took over the tort claim and won the case. Her attorney negotiated a structured settlement patterned on a future income stream that would give her payments on cyclic terms. Although she scooped an ocean of bucks, compensation under a structured settlement would only come down the pike in bits. She discovered like lottery winners; she could sell a sprinkle of her future payment rights to a factoring company for immediate payment.  To get the money from selling her structured settlement payments requires compliance with a straightforward legal procedure.

Sell Structured Settlement

What Did She Sell to the Factoring Company?

Ms. White decided to cream off fifty monthly payments of $2,000 each, scaling upwards at 3% annually. The total value of those payments formed the subject matter and amounted to $150,000. The structured settlement funding company she engaged offered her $115,000. The federal interest rate enabled her to determine the factoring company that would give her money at above 80% of the present value of her payments. The annual interest rate of the factoring deal stood at 10.3%. She retained the monthly payment rights that would accrue after the remittance of the fifty annual payments.

Court Approval Process

The hearing date dawned, and Ms. White had prepared herself for the upcoming examination. The court emphasized with Ms. White’s story as she had just been divorced and needed a lump sum to get started by buying a new home in Florida where she also sought employment. The transaction had fair and reasonable terms as the lump sum gave her 80% of the present value of the fifty monthly installments. The court signed off an approving order and observed, among other things, that denying her the opportunity to acquire a new home and engage in profitable employment would have been against her best interest and that of her family.

When You’re on Pins and Needles for your Money, A Lump Sum is on the Horizon

With the financial goals at hand, Ms. White would have to wait for a long duration of time and pile on monthly installments until she had enough bucks to buy a new home. The approach would jeopardize her plans to acquire low-interest residential homes readily available in the market. Besides, Ms. White would start receiving guaranteed monthly installments after five years. Due to her youthful age, the money will come in handy as she will be a bit older by then and boost her retirement pension.

What are Life Contingent Payments and Why Do I Need Insurance?

Structured settlement funding companies sometimes underwrite a life insurance policy for the seller’s life as a safeguard against the life-contingent status of the transferred payments. The payment rights depend on whether the payee is still alive when they mature for remittance. If the seller died before, the policy comes into play.

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